About the artist Elena Aldea

Elena Aldea

Elena Aldea was born in Brasov – Transylvania, the heart of Romania. She was drawn to art and photography from a very early age, inspired by great photographers and impressionist painters.

Combining a variety of photographic and digital techniques Elena Aldea takes us into a magical journey into the depths of her nature and creativity. Her first experiences with photography go back to when she was around 15 years old.

Using an warm light studio mixed with nowadays photographs, technical her images and digital construction are often unusual, powerful and subtle. Soft touches of color give her creations a dreamlike atmosphere. Over the years she had developed a personal style full of originality and creativity, often exceeding normal limits.

But in art there is no need for limits, because limits destroy imagination. Therefore Elena Aldea does not follow the rules because in her imagination everything exists and it is possible. Her limits have no limits because a good photograph is created with the ability to see the possibility of an outstanding image, and use all the tools to create a final piece of artwork.

Elena Aldea started sharing his photographs in 2018. Since then, she has been on a steep rising trajectory and has received worldwide recognition. 

Awards and exhibitions


Influx Gallery – Representation and Art for sale, London
Art Show International  – Solo Exhibition, Los Angeles

EPA European Photography Award – Fine Art Photography Nudes Platinum Winner

Group exhibition by Praxis Gallery Minneapolis – Open theme

Monovision Photography Awards – Honorable Mention “The Black Scarf”

35 Awards – Studio Portrait Top 5% best photo in the contest “Flamingo Girl”
35 Awards – Black and white nudes Top 1% best photo in the contest “Ballerina”
Modellenland2 Magazine – Interview
Fine Art Photography Awards – Fine Art Professional nominee – Royal Cats
WPE International Photography Awards – Silver Fine art Nudes Award


Monochrome Photography Awards – Honorable Mention “Hercule”


Monochrome Photography Awards – Honorable Mention “Vestal”


Monovision Awards – Honorable Mention “Wreckage” series
Blank Wall Gallery Greece – Portraits exhibition (physical exhibition)


Monovision Awards – Honorable Mention “Life after death”
Blank Wall Gallery Greece – Portraits exhibition (physical exhibition)
Blank Wall Gallery Greece – Monochrome exhibition (physical exhibition)
Blank Wall Gallery Greece – Black and White exhibition (physical exhibition)
Cip Festival Greece – Conceptual section (physical exhibition)